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The game was not going well at all. Lenny watched the jumble of players in the penalty area from his position. They were still behind—zero to one. Their disappointment made the air in the indoor arena seem thick and thicker. “Over there! Get into position!” Coach Vlado shouted from the sidelines. Yeah, but how? Lenny wondered. The other team just happened to have put their biggest and most dangerous player on him, outside right. The ‘Slide Tackle Monster!’ Continue reading

Die Nase


“Today we’re going to draw noses!”

Lenny looked at Mrs. Muggenbauer’s nose. The class teacher had one of those thin noses, sharp and pointy at the end. Why had he never really paid any attention to noses before? Lenny wondered. Not even when he was drawing …? He loved comics and tried often to copy comic book characters as exactly as he could. But a comic book nose was sometimes nothing more than just a curved line between the eyes and the mouth. Continue reading

Schwerkraft - Marmelade


“Don’t want it!” Malik Paul slammed his glass of milk down on the table. Mr. Simmons grabbed the glass just in time to stop it from tipping over, but the sleeve of his suit jacket swept Malik’s buttered and jellied toast from the plate onto the floor. (Malik Paul was Cara’s little brother, Mr. Simmons was their father, and Lenny was Cara’s best friend.) Lenny and Cara looked at each other, and then both of them dived under the kitchen table. There on the white tiled floor lay Malik’s already-bitten-into slice of breakfast toast in a huge smear of red jam. Actually it looked kind of cool.

Continue reading