Die Nase


“Today we’re going to draw noses!”

Lenny looked at Mrs. Muggenbauer’s nose. The class teacher had one of those thin noses, sharp and pointy at the end. Why had he never really paid any attention to noses before? Lenny wondered. Not even when he was drawing …? He loved comics and tried often to copy comic book characters as exactly as he could. But a comic book nose was sometimes nothing more than just a curved line between the eyes and the mouth.

BleistifteHis best friend Cara was sitting next to him. She raised her hand to get Mrs. Muggenbauer’s attention. “But eyes are a lot more important!” she protested. “And they are an awful lot harder to draw. Can’t we do eyes instead?”

“We will have plenty of time to do eyes this year, Cara!” the teacher replied. “Today we start working on noses. You shall see how really well you can draw a face, once you have learned to get the nose right.” Mrs. Muggenbauer stretched herself upright. This made the small and somewhat delicate class teacher appear just for a moment to be really tall and imposing. “Besides,” she continued, “we learned quite a bit about the nose last week.”