For Parents

Dear Parents,

On this web site your children can find adventure stories and related, simple experiments designed for them to do at home. Our main aim is to present and demonstrate simple natural science phenomena and connections between things that we experience everyday. We want to do this in a way that is easy for children to understand and that will hopefully capture their imagination and interest.
Outside of school and without any pressure, children can make a lot of everyday discoveries.

Reading at Cecilien-School in Berlin

(1) Children can read our adventure stories online. (2) The stories can be printed out and read, or read aloud to someone. (3) The stories are available online as audio files for anyone who would like to listen to them.

You and your children can follow these adventures at home or on-the-go; you can use your computer, your smartphone, or your tablet computer.

German-speaking children can practice English here, too, if they like; English-speaking children can learn a little German or use the site to practice what they know.

Our website is a professional one because we are professionals. We have the necessary education and training, and we work or have worked in corresponding vocations. We have decided to devote some of our leisure time to the Lenny-and-Cara series because it is a challenging endeavor and a fun project for us to work on. But more than that, we get the greatest pleasure from sharing our stories, pictures, and ideas, and watching others get enjoyment from that.

Warmest regards from
Your Lenny-and-Cara Team