We are the LennyCara-Team: Sandra, Mary, Magdalena, Alina and Bettina.

The Adventures and Experiments are written by Sandra Bräutigam. She studied biology and likes to play with fantasy and write stories.

The translations (into Englisch) are done by Mary Kelley-Bibra. She comes from the United States of America and likes the children there to read the stories of Lenny and Cara as well.

The Website is created by Magdalena Kierat. She studied graphic and media design and is really happy about the Lenny and Cara logo.     

The Illustrations  are done by Alina Schneider. She studied arts and is a photographer as well.

The reading of the stories is done by Bettina Kroner. She is a player and singer with her own band. Well done, Bettina – ThanX!