Katrin sat down next to him on the X-ray table. She patted the X-ray tube like she was patting the neck of a horse. “Invisible rays are beamed out of this tube. X-rays!” she explained. “The rays are then absorbed here.” She pointed to the plate on the X-ray table and the part of the machine underneath it. “The rays are beamed through your foot, but whenever they hit something hard, like bones … well, they cannot pass through that. So an X-ray photograph of your foot will look like a picture that was taken in the dark. Everything will be black except for the bones, because they are hard and the rays cannot pass through them.”

Just white bones? Then would an X-ray photograph of him look just like the skeleton? Well he could not just try it out first? Lenny bent over and stuck his hand under the X-ray tube thing.

Roentgen Fuss

“Uh … no, no …,” Katrin shook her head. “This is nothing to play around with. X-rays are dangerous. When they go through something, they can damage it. But a foot is pretty strong, so if we beam the rays through it for just a few seconds, nothing will happen.  But we will place this apron across your abdomen, to protect your stomach and your other organs.” Katrin laid a protective lead apron across his middle.

Lenny looked down at his lap. Across it lay a gray cover which looked like plastic, but it was indeed much, much heavier than plastic.